My name is Madison, I live near the beach in sunny San Diego with my husband and baby boy. I take photos, drink lots of coffee, and am a mega introvert with social anxiety. I'm searching out what it means to live simply in a world so drowned out by instant pleasures and costly things. I'm learning how to look at moments, instead of days. I'm figuring out how to live fearlessly and free, all while setting others free to do the same. I'm working to overcome anxiety, depression, spiritual exhaustion, and fear-based control. And I want to invite you to do the same. This platform is for me, and it's for you. It's a place to know you are not alone, and that there are so many reasons to keep fighting. I hope to inspire you through my own self-exploration, all while keeping an open and honest heart. It's time to start living every day with intention. It's time to climb the mountains and face the deserts, knowing that its the journey that makes us stronger and more complete individuals. 

Thanks for joining me,

            Xx Madison