Bracket DIY

So, it's probably not any real news to most, but most of you know my husband and I love coffee. I would like to think Chris wasn't as big of a coffee lover until we started falling in love... mostly because I would drag him from coffee shop to coffee shop and force him to have conversations of our "dreams and passions" over a cup of joe. At first, it was like pulling teeth to get him to hang in a shop for more than 5 mins. But once we moved to the East Coast, and started traveling more and exploring new cities, visiting new coffeeshops became high on both of our priorities as we made lists of sites to see and places to try with every new place we went. 


One of our favorite, and must-do things when visiting a new coffee shop is to pick up a new mug for the home collection. Most likely, it will have some quirky photo or words that mark the city or state the shop was in, reminding us of the moment in time we sat in the shop planning out the day ahead. The two above are both Intelligentsia mugs, one we got in New York with the statue of liberty holding a porta filter, and the other from Chicago where I visited my good friend Fred, where he was working as a barista in their Logan Circle shop. When we're not traveling, we drink coffee together at home. Usually we have beans from a local coffee shop, and depending on how we are feeling, we will brew using our Chemex, v-60 pour over, french press, or aero-press. we sound coffee snobby, but I promise we're not ;) 

To us, a good cup of coffee is nothing without a good atmosphere or great people to share it with. We recently moved, and as I am beginning the decorating process, I wanted to incorporate some small area to a "coffee nook". Especially since we are about to have a newborn, and most of our coffee drinking will probably be doubled and from home for a little while. 

For the longest time, I have had my eyes set on getting a Department Of Brewology print, and it just so happened they were having a sale on their chemex "bloom" print around the same time of our move. I was a little hesitant buying online without seeing it in person, but I went for it anyways- and oh goodness, it was more beautiful in person than I could have imagined!

I wanted to frame it in something special, that wouldn't take away from it's beautiful art, but instead would add to it. I had seen brackets like these at places like Urban Outfitters... but it just seemed a little too pricey for me to justify for just a couple pieces of wood. 

A while back, my sweet friend had attempted a DIY of these brackets for her prints and they turned out beautiful. So I figured, why not? I'll give it a try. 

And guys, it was so easy! I made them at 37 weeks pregnant in less than 15 mins total! And after the small cost of supplies, making it myself was well worth the cheaper cost. Plus, who doesn't love being able to display things in your home decor that you can say you made! 

I put together a group of photos of some of the things I used to make them, and how I currently have it displayed in my home. Of course, we are still decorating, so my "coffee nook" is a little bland. But i'm loving the touch of creativity this print and frame are already adding to it! 

Feel free to ask any questions you might have on cost of supplies, how I did it, or where I got things! I hope the easy-ness of this project inspires you to create something for your home as well!