Mebie Baby + My Baby

Sleeping has been the biggest blessing since having Azariah, and that because he started "sleeping through the night" at one month. I have a few things to give thanks to, and one is his mebie stretch swaddle. We weren't swaddling him at first because he liked he liked sleeping with his hands so close to his face. Even in his ultra sounds, he had his arms tucked close. But one night I decided to give his mebie swaddle a try, and it was an almost instant relied. Azariah slept 7 hours straight! The few times he woke in the middle of the night, I watched him on his monitor wiggle around in the mebie swaddle and then quickly fall asleep on his own. In all his other swaddle attempts, as soon as he would struggle, his hands would come out of and wake him for good. In the mebie swaddle he was able to bring his hands up but only for comfort, and not enough to be fully released and keep him awake. So here are some of my all time photos of him in my all time favorite swaddle in the rust color. He is such a little swooner <3