Tubby Todd

Recently I did a commercial shoot that asked me to stretch all my photography muscles. It included product, lifestyle, cooking, yoga and baby photography. What a job! One of the products I shot was for a company called Tubby Todd. They are a bathing product line for the whole family, and only use cleanly-sourced, animal-cruelty free, and 100% natural ingredients. If anything, I can definitely say the smells were on point! The babies seemed to enjoy them too ;)

Here are some product photos of the day-

Also, get prepared for the sweetest baby face you've ever seen...

The day was filled with mammas and babies of all kinds if cuteness! Tubby Todd was well tested & approved. And their packaging was to die for!  This mamma below tried out some of their pregnancy line that is meant to protect and nourish the belly as it's growing a bundle of love inside.